Jamie and Alex ~ West Chester University Engagement Session

Jamie and Alex were a lot of fun to hang out with. We met up at West Chester University for their engagement shoot. They both met each other at the University and had plenty of memories there, so it was fitting that they had their session there. Alex used to play on the University’s basketball team so we started the shoot off with some shots on the basketball court. We did a little bit of trekking around the college and hit up some pretty cool spots. It was quite breezy and a little chilly that day but we all enjoyed ourselves. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in January! Enjoy this preview!












Kelsea and Dan – Susquehanna State Park Engagement Session

I met up with Kelsea and Dan for the first time this past Sunday. We had our initial meet up at their house and then we headed over to Susquehanna State Park, which was really close to their place. I had never been to this park before so I was excited to see what types of photo opportunities it held. It was a beautiful day, but a little on the breezy side. The park was huge and such a great area for photos. One point in the park overlooks the mighty Susquehanna River. What a view that was! Kelsea and Dan were so cool to hang out with and they were both so easy to going. They ended up bringing their furry friend along, so we tried to get some shots of them with their dog as well. I can’t wait for their wedding next October! It will be held in Gettysburg at one of the bed and breakfasts right near the battlefield, which will be an awesome place for photos! Here’s a little sneak peek into their session. Enjoy!











Christina & Joe ~ Boat House Row Engagement Session

This past Saturday I met up with Christina and Joe at Boat House Row in Philly.  Christina wanted to have the session at Boat House Row because rowing holds a special place in her heart. With a strong love and passion of rowing in her family, she has a lot of memories of Boat House Row. Christina and her family literately have rowing flowing through their veins. Joe is a huge Philadelphia sports fan, so I can’t think of a more fitting place for their session. I had shot another engagement session here last year and I was excited for this session since Boat House Row is such a great place for photos!  There was a definite chill in the air on Saturday. Thankfully, the sun was shining bright that afternoon because man, was it windy! We started off with a little “mock” picnic which featured a picnic basket that Christina’s great grandmother had, so it had a lot of sentimental value to her. We headed around the park and hit up a bunch of spots and finally ended at one of the boat houses. Christina and Joe are so easy going and fun to hang out with and it made the session fly by. Here is a sneak peek of their Saturday session. Enjoy!












Jessica & Andy ~ Manor House Engagement Session

Jessica and Andy were a treat to hang out with and photograph this past Sunday. They decided to have their engagement session at the same place that they are having their wedding next year- The Manor House at Prophecy Creek. What a beautiful place for photos and there wasn’t a shortage of spots to take photos at around the venue! This also gave me an idea of what the area looked liked and the best spots for pictures since they will be getting married there. This session was a unique and special one as well. Jessica and Andy decided to bring along their other family member, Gunner. This was a little test to see if Gunner would sit, listen and be good for the pictures because they wanted to have him in some of their wedding photos as well. Let me tell you, he did a fantastic job with all of the shots he was in! This was a first for me as well and this was a nice change in pace. After a bunch of photos with the three of them I concentrated on just Jessica and Andy. We walked around the whole area and took advantage of all of the buildings and cool spots. Here is a little sneak peek from their session. Enjoy!














Laura & Matt ~ Engagement Session

It’s been quite some time since my last post, but I’m glad to be posting again and to show everyone this awesome couple for the first time. Meet Laura and Matt! We met up at Longwood Gardens over the weekend for their session. With the forecast of rain towards the end of last week it was looking like we were going to have to reschedule the session. Luckily, rain passed through on Friday night and cleared out for our engagement session on Saturday morning. This made for a perfect setting with bright blue skies and big, puffy clouds, which created an awesome backdrop for some shots. Laura and Matt were fantastic and the three of us had a great time. We walked around for quite some time since the gardens are so big, and tried to hit up as many spots as we could during our time there. I can’t wait for their wedding later this year and I know it will be tons of fun. Here is a little peak into Saturday’s session!


Jacy & Bill ~ Engagement Session

Sundays engagement session was a tad bit on the cold side, but we ended up having an fantastic shoot. The three of us braved the chilly, 40 degree, cloudy weather, and I must say that Jacy and Bill were troopers throughout the whole session. Once we started moving around it actually wasn’t too bad. These two just recently got engaged at a Halloween party that they hosted at their house last month. With a huge crowd of people in their basement, Bill popped the question to Jacy in front of all of their friends! Jacy asked me if I would like to photograph their engagement session and here we are, a few weeks after they just got engaged, and their engagement photos are already done! In the end, we had a great session despite the chilly weather and I’m looking forward to their wedding next October where I’ll actually be a guest at their wedding instead of behind the camera. I won’t know what to do with myself since I’ll be at a wedding with no camera for once haha!

Allie & Bill ~ Engagement Session

I met up with this super cool couple yesterday for their engagement session at Millersville University.  The weather was great and we didn’t have to worry about “Frankenstorm” ruining our get together since is wasn’t supposed to start raining until Sunday. When I first met Allie and Bill a few months ago I instantly knew that we were going to have a great relationship throughout this whole process.  They were so much fun to work with and it made for a very relaxed and enjoyable session. A lot of the trees and foliage seemed to be at their peak in colors, while others were already completely bare. None the less, it still made for great photos. I really love this time of year with all of the colors around! Enjoy this taste of what went down during their session!