Kayleigh and John ~ Boathouse Row Engagement Session

Boathouse Row in Philadelphia is one of my favorite places to shoot engagement photos. It is such a great place for photos since it is so large and there are so many different areas with cool architectural structures and neat backgrounds to shoot against. For this session I met up with Kayleigh and John last Saturday morning. It was an overcast day but still very humid though. We trekked around the park in a big circle, hitting up many of the popular photo spots. They were both super fun to work with and we had a great time. Their photos came out pretty amazing and I can’t wait for their New Year’s Eve wedding at the end of this year! Here is just a taste of what went down at Boathouse Row. Enjoy!












Jennifer and Matt ~ Manor House at Prophecy Creek Engagement Session

On Sunday I was able to spent some time with this awesome couple – Jennifer and Matt. We met up at the Manor House at Prophecy Creek for their engagement session. They were both really fun to be around and the session went off without a hitch! The weather cooperated and the rain stayed away from us during our session even though it rained a little that same morning. Jennifer and Matt are getting married at the Manor House at Prophecy Creek as well. It was great to explore the grounds and to see where we could potentially go for photos on the day of their wedding. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next July! Enjoy this preview!














Juliana & Tony ~ Engagement Session

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to get together with Juliana and Tony for their engagement session. We did our shoot at Hopewell Furnace National Historic site which is located in French Creek State park. This was definitely the perfect area to do a session! I had heard about this place before but had never been there. With lots of old buildings, farm houses, and barns that dated back to the 18 and 19th century, it made for some great photo opportunities. There was one barn that even had two horses roaming around. The weather was perfect on Saturday, which is always a plus!  The three of us had a great time hanging out at the park and getting to know each other. We seriously could have spend hours there since it was such a cool place. I’m looking forward for their wedding this November up in the Pocono area! Here are just a handful of the the shots from their session. Enjoy!















Jacy & Bill ~ Engagement Session

Sundays engagement session was a tad bit on the cold side, but we ended up having an fantastic shoot. The three of us braved the chilly, 40 degree, cloudy weather, and I must say that Jacy and Bill were troopers throughout the whole session. Once we started moving around it actually wasn’t too bad. These two just recently got engaged at a Halloween party that they hosted at their house last month. With a huge crowd of people in their basement, Bill popped the question to Jacy in front of all of their friends! Jacy asked me if I would like to photograph their engagement session and here we are, a few weeks after they just got engaged, and their engagement photos are already done! In the end, we had a great session despite the chilly weather and I’m looking forward to their wedding next October where I’ll actually be a guest at their wedding instead of behind the camera. I won’t know what to do with myself since I’ll be at a wedding with no camera for once haha!

Allie & Bill ~ Engagement Session

I met up with this super cool couple yesterday for their engagement session at Millersville University.  The weather was great and we didn’t have to worry about “Frankenstorm” ruining our get together since is wasn’t supposed to start raining until Sunday. When I first met Allie and Bill a few months ago I instantly knew that we were going to have a great relationship throughout this whole process.  They were so much fun to work with and it made for a very relaxed and enjoyable session. A lot of the trees and foliage seemed to be at their peak in colors, while others were already completely bare. None the less, it still made for great photos. I really love this time of year with all of the colors around! Enjoy this taste of what went down during their session!

Heather and Tony ~ Engagement Session

My second engagement shoot from this past weekend was another great one! I met up with Heather and Tony at one of my favorite places to shoot, Valley Forge Park. It’s such a huge area that you have so many different places to shoot and I still have not explored the whole park even with all of the times I have been there. Heather and Tony are both very laid back and this made for an easy, relaxing and enjoyable shoot. They were up for anything and we definitely produced a bunch of great shots and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding which is just around the corner. Here is just a small portion of the session. Enjoy!

Brigitte and David ~ Engagement Session

This past weekend was a busy one. It was filled with two engagement sessions and a baby session. I would like to introduce to you the first of those three- Brigitte and David. Brigitte and David are such a great couple and I could tell that they are perfect for each other. The three of us hit up Longwood Gardens for the shoot. We got so lucky with the weather because the past week had been so hot and humid, but by Saturday the temperature had cooled down and it wasn’t so hot and sticky out. This worked out perfectly because I knew we would be doing a lot of walking since the park is huge. This was the first time I have been to Longwood Gardens since I had taken a field trip back in elementary school. The scenery in the park was absolutely amazing and it offered up so many awesome places to shoot with so many great backgrounds. We probably could have stayed there a few more hours, but of course it had to come to an end at some point.  The three of us had a great session and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in a few months! Here is just a little taste of what went down. Enjoy!

Liz & Mark – Engagement Session

Yesterday’s engagement session was a hot one indeed! Literally and figuratively speaking. The temperature was definitely reaching into the the low 90’s during the session. Liz and Mark were such troopers in the heat and they stuck it out and we were able to produce some great images. Luckily there was plenty of shade and trees to hide under to cool off. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this year in November. First off, it won’t be as hot and sweltering out, and second, the wedding is going to be off the hook! I know there will be plenty of joking around and laughing going on that day. Here is a little preview of what went down yesterday. Enjoy:)

Desiree & Greg – Engagement Session

This past Saturday I had an awesome engagement shoot with Desiree and Greg. We met up at boat house row in Philly for the session. This was my first time shooting around boat house row along Kelly drive and I was pleasantly surprised with how big the park was. There were soooooo many spots and neat places to shoot that I probably could have been there just about all day. The weather was perfect…except for the wind, but we managed to pump out a great session! Desiree and Greg were both very laid back and it made for a very fun and relaxing session. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding which is a little under a month away. Going to be more fun times to come for sure! This is the full edit with all of the pictures and not just a sneak peak! Enjoy:)

This one made me laugh so I had to put it in. Greg grew an instant mustache…