Felicia – Lockridge Park Portrait Session

Meet Felicia- A class of 2018 senior, a volleyball player and an aspiring nurse. I was lucky enough to have one of the few remaining warm days in October to be able to get some amazing shots of Felicia around Lockridge Park. Who knew that it would be in the 70’s in late October? Some of the fall foliage and colors were starting to show, which created some excellent backgrounds. Felicia did an amazing job in her senior portrait session, so it was really hard to pick just a handful of photos for this preview. Enjoy!


Grace’s Senior Portraits at Long’s Park

It turned out to be a great day and a perfect session for Grace’s senior portraits. I few weeks ago I was at Long’s Park for Sami’s senior portraits, so I decided to hit up the same park again for this shoot. Long’s Park is perfect for these types of small shoots since there are plenty of areas to neat areas photography. I would have to say that Grace did an awesome job during the shoot and she definitely rocked the session even though it was starting to get hot outside. We incorporated some shots of her with her field hockey stick since that is Grace’s sport of choice. Some of my favorite shots were from the small wooden bridge and the brick building. Enjoy the preview!














Sami’s Senior Portraits at Long’s Park

This past weekend was a busy one which included a wedding on Saturday and senior portraits on Sunday morning. On Sunday I met up with the Weaver Family for a session with Sami. This session was a breeze and Sami really rocked her session. Her infectious smile was what really brought this shoot home. We started the shoot with some shots of Sami and her best friend and then we focused on getting tons of great shots of just Sami. Since she plays field hockey she added some flare into her shots by using her field hockey stick and cleats. Long’s Park is such a huge park that it has tons of great places for photos. We ended the session with a couple quick family portraits. Enjoy the preview!













Burnett Family ~ Samuel S. Lewis State Park

It was great hanging out with the Burnett family this past Saturday. I met up with Elaine, Walt, TJ and Stephen at Samuel S Lewis State Park. Elaine wanted photos of the family before her oldest son, TJ, went off to college. This park was a great area for photos. There were plenty of boulders and rocks to climb and sit on and woods surrounding the area. They decided to have the session there because it held a lot of memories for Walt. He grew up around that area and would frequently visit the park with family. Enjoy this little preview!









Rhoads’ Family Portraits

I had a blast hanging out with the Rhoads family! We took advantage of their beautiful back yard and everyone really got into it. It was a perfect day for a session as well! You might see two familiar faces in the family- Heather and Charlie. I recently shot their engagement session at Green Lane park about a month ago. This session was a special one since this was a mother’s day gift. Heather was the one that contacted me about doing a session as a gift for her mom for mother’s day. What a wonderful and special gift to give to her mom! It was great to see Heather and Charlie again as well. My wife knows the Rhoads family really well since she was best friends with Shannon when she was growing up and all through high school. My wife couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go see Shannon and the family, so she tagged along with me to the session. Everyone had a great time and we got some awesome shots! Here is a little preview of the session. Enjoy!














Meet Baby Marissa

Last weekend’s busy schedule ended with me going over to visit the Wixon family. They had recently been blessed with a little baby girl and they wanted me to photograph 4 month old Marissa.  Only a few minutes after walking in the house Marissa was all dressed up in her cute little outfit and ready to go, so we jumped right into the session. Marissa did a great job and I had a lot of fun photographing her. Thank you Tabatha and Allen for being such great hosts and letting me into your house to photograph Marissa! Enjoy this little preview.

Heather and Tony ~ Engagement Session

My second engagement shoot from this past weekend was another great one! I met up with Heather and Tony at one of my favorite places to shoot, Valley Forge Park. It’s such a huge area that you have so many different places to shoot and I still have not explored the whole park even with all of the times I have been there. Heather and Tony are both very laid back and this made for an easy, relaxing and enjoyable shoot. They were up for anything and we definitely produced a bunch of great shots and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding which is just around the corner. Here is just a small portion of the session. Enjoy!

Brigitte and David ~ Engagement Session

This past weekend was a busy one. It was filled with two engagement sessions and a baby session. I would like to introduce to you the first of those three- Brigitte and David. Brigitte and David are such a great couple and I could tell that they are perfect for each other. The three of us hit up Longwood Gardens for the shoot. We got so lucky with the weather because the past week had been so hot and humid, but by Saturday the temperature had cooled down and it wasn’t so hot and sticky out. This worked out perfectly because I knew we would be doing a lot of walking since the park is huge. This was the first time I have been to Longwood Gardens since I had taken a field trip back in elementary school. The scenery in the park was absolutely amazing and it offered up so many awesome places to shoot with so many great backgrounds. We probably could have stayed there a few more hours, but of course it had to come to an end at some point.  The three of us had a great session and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in a few months! Here is just a little taste of what went down. Enjoy!

Liz & Mark – Engagement Session

Yesterday’s engagement session was a hot one indeed! Literally and figuratively speaking. The temperature was definitely reaching into the the low 90’s during the session. Liz and Mark were such troopers in the heat and they stuck it out and we were able to produce some great images. Luckily there was plenty of shade and trees to hide under to cool off. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this year in November. First off, it won’t be as hot and sweltering out, and second, the wedding is going to be off the hook! I know there will be plenty of joking around and laughing going on that day. Here is a little preview of what went down yesterday. Enjoy:)

Valley Forge Portait Session

This past Sunday was the first time I photographed four girls together in one session. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because when you put four kids together things can get pretty crazy and you don’t know what will happen! Let me tell you…these girls were fantastic and they all did a great job. They were a fun, cute(especially with all of them wearing green!) and silly bunch and they all rocked the shoot! I have photographed one of the girls, Gianna, before and this time it was with her 3 cousins as well. This was a special shoot because the photographs are going to be a present to their grandmother who is retiring soon. Here is just a taste of what went down during the session. Enjoy this sneak peek!