Scott is a Lancaster, PA based photographer specializing in wedding and portrait photography.

Scott Smith formed a passion for photography in his senior year in high school and went on to study the arts and photography in college. In 2007 he graduated from Millersville University in Lancaster, PA and earned a BFA degree with a concentration in photography. After graduating college Scott went on to assist for freelance photographers, wedding photographers, and has also worked at various photography studios before branching out on his own and officially starting his own photography business. He currently serves Lancaster county and surrounding areas. With his knowledge and background in the fine art field Scott incorporates his artistic flare into many of his images.

Photography is Scott’s passion and something that he will be doing for the rest of his life. There is just something magical to him about capturing a split-second or moment in time for someone that will last for all eternity. Whether Scott shoots events or portraits you can be sure that he will never miss that little giggle, smile or tear, that passionate kiss, that heartfelt embrace or the just plain crazy and ridiculous dancing, drinking and laughter that ensues at a wedding reception!

To find out more about Scott Smith Photography or check out even more great pictures,  visit his website by clicking the link below.