Cora – Lock Ridge Park portrait session

I took a drive out to Lock Ridge park with my wife and son so we could meet up with my wife’s cousin, Cora. Cora will be graduating soon so a senior portrait session was definitely needed. The park was a crazy hot spot for a bunch of other photographers as well. Every where you looked you saw another photography session going on. We even had to wait our turn for certain areas. I’ve never seen anything like it before, but it was a pretty cool park. Cora did a great job in front of the camera and was extremely photogenic. She definitely rocked her session! We even topped off the shoot with a little bit of gold glitter, and by a little bit, I mean a whole lot. You’ll see what I mean. Just take a peak at some of my favorites from this session. Enjoy the preview!cora_0001cora_0002cora_0003cora_0004cora_0005cora_0006cora_0007cora_0008cora_0009cora_0010cora_0011cora_0012cora_0013cora_0014


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