Rhoads’ Family Portraits

I had a blast hanging out with the Rhoads family! We took advantage of their beautiful back yard and everyone really got into it. It was a perfect day for a session as well! You might see two familiar faces in the family- Heather and Charlie. I recently shot their engagement session at Green Lane park about a month ago. This session was a special one since this was a mother’s day gift. Heather was the one that contacted me about doing a session as a gift for her mom for mother’s day. What a wonderful and special gift to give to her mom! It was great to see Heather and Charlie again as well. My wife knows the Rhoads family really well since she was best friends with Shannon when she was growing up and all through high school. My wife couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go see Shannon and the family, so she tagged along with me to the session. Everyone had a great time and we got some awesome shots! Here is a little preview of the session. Enjoy!














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