Jessica & Andy ~ Manor House Engagement Session

Jessica and Andy were a treat to hang out with and photograph this past Sunday. They decided to have their engagement session at the same place that they are having their wedding next year- The Manor House at Prophecy Creek. What a beautiful place for photos and there wasn’t a shortage of spots to take photos at around the venue! This also gave me an idea of what the area looked liked and the best spots for pictures since they will be getting married there. This session was a unique and special one as well. Jessica and Andy decided to bring along their other family member, Gunner. This was a little test to see if Gunner would sit, listen and be good for the pictures because they wanted to have him in some of their wedding photos as well. Let me tell you, he did a fantastic job with all of the shots he was in! This was a first for me as well and this was a nice change in pace. After a bunch of photos with the three of them I concentrated on just Jessica and Andy. We walked around the whole area and took advantage of all of the buildings and cool spots. Here is a little sneak peek from their session. Enjoy!














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