A Day In The Apple Fields

Fall is one of our favorite seasons of the year, so Megan and I set out to one of the local orchards in the Lancaster area for a little apple picking adventure.  We went to Cherry Hill Orchards in the Millersville area near where we used to live.  This is an awesome orchard with all kinds of fruits, produce, sweets, goodies, you name it! They have their own huge orchard where you can pick peaches, apples, cherries, depending on what is in season at that time. Megan kept saying that she really wanted to go and pick our own apples at the orchard, so we finally had some time to do that this past Saturday.  It was pretty cloudy and a little chilly out, but we still had a great time.  Cherry Hill Orchard’s has a big variety of different kinds of apples to pick. We ended up picking a couple different varieties of apples and in the end we gathered about 10 pounds.  No matter what kind of apple you picked it was only $0.99 a pound! Time to make a bunch of apple related recipes…

I really like the photo of Megan with the 2 apples sitting on her head…haha!

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